About Us

Greetings from Victoria Cottage!

Victoria Cottage is the best accommodation that you can get in Victoria, British Columbia. It is located in the heart of the city of Victoria so that everything will be accessible. It is a family owned accommodation facility that has been around for decades. The place has gone through rigorous renovations to ensure that all the guests will have a pleasant and comfortable time during their stay. It was originally a huge mansion that stood proudly in the city that was converted into a hotel facility. It is one of the trademarks you can see in Victoria. People visit the place as part of the attractions, but most people opt to stay in the property so they can feel the essence of antiquity even at the modern times.

Victoria Cottage was well preserved and even if it is already a hotel, the original design of the home was still intact. It is the charm of the estate because it is the reason why there are thousands of people who would want to take a look at the time which seemed to be frozen in the property.

If you are looking for the best experience while you are in Victoria, don’t hesitate to drop by at Victoria Cottage.

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