When Real Estate Markets Hit the Road

And by hitting the road we mean traction. Tire screaming, smoke churning, traction. Hot housing markets are always on the radars of serial property investors and one such place is Calgary in Alberta, Canada.

But it wasn’t always the case and in fact just five years ago Calgary suffered a lull in home sales. However come 2018 the area began to see steep gains in sales numbers and subsequently home median values rose parallel to this.

Calgary would also benefit from a lot of positive press with regards to “lifestyle” offerings with living in the region which continues to this day. In fact this article on FreshDaily.ca shows of the Top 10 best cities for families, six of which are Canadian, Calgary sits at #8. Now that’s nothing to shake a stick at and should tell us a bit of why Calgary real estate is on the rise.

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When you really begin to look at why Calgary is increasingly popping up on people’s radars, it doesn’t take long to understand why.

First off the location of Canada’s third largest metropolis is ideal in that it’s chalk full of amenities suited toward those who enjoy outdoor activities. A contributing factor to people living in Calgary to get out more is the fact it is the sunniest city in all of Canada. Even in the winter. Plus being a mere 1 hour to the Rockies and Banff National Park, helps strength the case for Calgary as a great place to live.

Property values throughout Calgary have risen substantially heading in to 2020-21 season. Currently the average home median value sits around $450,248 with average DOM (days on market) at 66 days.

In contrast to “the other” Alberta market of Edmonton, Calgary has various pockets (communities) where real estate values are rising faster than the city-wide range.

One such community is Tuscany. This community boasts some 20,000 residents of which some 20% are immigrants. Houses for sale in Tuscany average $420,000.

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Little known fact is that the majority of immigrants migrating to Alberta end up settling in or around the Calgary region. One wacky fact about Calgary…the caesar drink was first created here.

Another community in the Calgary region with increased real estate activity and demand is Evanston. Situated smack dab in the center of downtown Calgary, this community literally owns the rights to location, location, location. Houses for sale in Evanston range in price between $629k and $764k.

The Calgary housing market overall is quite strong and the trends heading in to 2020 show no signs of slowing. Here are a few facts of the real estate market conditions 2019…

As is common throughout the winter in Canada, the housing market has seen a downtick but is expected to increase as we enter Spring and head to summer, the most active months for real estate. Houses for sale in Calgary range in prices depending on season and other variables including local job rates and economy.

Best Budget Beach Hotels in BC

British Columbia is famous for its beaches and expensive beach houses. However, if you wish to enjoy the beach life while staying on a budget, we’ll be listing the top four places to stay that won’t cost you more than £100 per night.

Hi Jericho Beach, Vancouver:
The Hi Jericho Beach will let you experience living at a place which was once a battlefield.
Hi Jericho consists of private rooms that used to be military barracks back in the 1930s. The beach hotel is only 20 minutes away from Vancouver.

The Battle of Jericho took place 46 years ago and right after that, this facility was converted into the largest bed hostel of North America.
Students and travelers that could not afford hotels used to stay here. It offered a spectacular view of the beach and activities like paddle boarding and taking a hike to downtown peninsula.

Pacific Sands Beach Resort, Tofino:

The Pacific Sands Beach Resort is run by a family and located right next to the Pacific Rim national park. The Pettinger family has been running this hotel for over four decades.

When the resort was inaugurated, it took more than six hours to reach the destination.
You can spend your day combing the beach for sand dollars. Water surfing is also an activity the resort is famous for. If you’re new to surfing, there is no better place than Pacific Sands to learn it.

From decked out kitchens to cozy fireplaces, Pacific Sands is the place to be on your next vacation.

Soule Creek Lodge, Port Renfrew:

Located on top of the Botanical Bay in Vancouver Island, Soul Creek offers a great forest experience.
The lodge is personally owned by Tim and Cash, brothers that are chefs by profession. That explains the exquisite seafood menu.
You can enjoy breakfast with a beautiful view of the forest from your room.