Best Budget Beach Hotels in BC

British Columbia is famous for its beaches and expensive beach houses. However, if you wish to enjoy the beach life while staying on a budget, we’ll be listing the top four places to stay that won’t cost you more than £100 per night.

Hi Jericho Beach, Vancouver:
The Hi Jericho Beach will let you experience living at a place which was once a battlefield.
Hi Jericho consists of private rooms that used to be military barracks back in the 1930s. The beach hotel is only 20 minutes away from Vancouver.

The Battle of Jericho took place 46 years ago and right after that, this facility was converted into the largest bed hostel of North America.
Students and travelers that could not afford hotels used to stay here. It offered a spectacular view of the beach and activities like paddle boarding and taking a hike to downtown peninsula.

Pacific Sands Beach Resort, Tofino:

The Pacific Sands Beach Resort is run by a family and located right next to the Pacific Rim national park. The Pettinger family has been running this hotel for over four decades.

When the resort was inaugurated, it took more than six hours to reach the destination.
You can spend your day combing the beach for sand dollars. Water surfing is also an activity the resort is famous for. If you’re new to surfing, there is no better place than Pacific Sands to learn it.

From decked out kitchens to cozy fireplaces, Pacific Sands is the place to be on your next vacation.

Soule Creek Lodge, Port Renfrew:

Located on top of the Botanical Bay in Vancouver Island, Soul Creek offers a great forest experience.
The lodge is personally owned by Tim and Cash, brothers that are chefs by profession. That explains the exquisite seafood menu.
You can enjoy breakfast with a beautiful view of the forest from your room.

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